Some words about our brand…

From the very beginning of our brand, we have paid attention to our name. Our keyword ILLUX originated from two words: “illumination” which means the visible aspect of the impact of light and “lux” as a unit of measurement for the lighting industry using SI unit system quarters. Defined as osvjetljenjost surface evenly illuminated light output of one lumen per square meter each. Our ideology is “ease” in every sense. So in designing our logo Illuxa, we have given full attention to simplicity. While the black background symbolizes the darkness, a white logo on a black background symbolizes the white light that has become recognizable to the LED technology. The rectangle symbolizes our led panel which is our best selling product, but the omitted left side of the rectangle symbolizes our openness to new knowledge and innovation.

Company Profile

After more than a decade of work on the design of LED lighting systems for renowned German companies, and many years of work on projects for Apple, Google, Facebook, etc., Company Illux Light Technologies is a market force in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Illux Light Technologies has a long history and experience with the goal of being the leader in LED lighting in Southeastern Europe with a special emphasis on the Balkan region. All our products are designed by experienced engineers from both Bosnia and Herzegovina and our partners who work within Illux LT. Most of the current production is taking place outside BiH, such as Europe and Asia. Given the huge potential that Illux LT has in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we want to focus on meeting and exceeding market domestic production goals. We want to be a company that makes a difference in people's lives, so we shall offer kavalitetnije at very competitive prices and with innovations in products that excite our customers.