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Invitation to all of our business partners

We invite all current and future partners to participate in the Energy Fair “Kakanj EXPO 2015”.

ILLUX Light is proud to confirm the participation at the “Kakanj’s energy days 2015”. The fair will present the latest technology in LED lighting under the campaign “Save energy by switching to LED lighting.” ILLUX Light is the first Bosnian-Herzegovinian company that offers branded LED lighting. In our offers you can find the highest quality lighting, be it for a home or for professional lighting. ILLUX LED Lighting Series has CE and RoHS certificates for all our products, which are the guarantee of quality and business performance which izvdajamo in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We have a tendency of rapid growth and expansion of our company, and our goal is market dominance in the Balkans, as well as export to the European Union. ILLUX Light although a relatively young company, has a large number of projects completed and has cooperated with top Bosnian business clientele who have become our trusted partners and clients such as; HIFA Group, EXIT Clothing and Canton. ILLUX Light has a professional staff and is the only domestic company that works on lighting projects, that include industrial and street lighting systems. Our projects have already interested many businesses, to mention just a few; Stainless Steel Ajanović, KGM Grading, Maglaj Municipality …
In order to enrich our business we invite all interested partners for cooperation in future projects. Our exhibition booth at the “Kakanj’s energy days 2015” on Saturday, 17.10.2015. 10 to 17 hours. We hope for a large turnout and successful cooperation.
All are welcome to our booth where we will provide a special program and drinks. Our friendly team will introduce you to energy savings by switching to LED lighting.
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Announcement: “Kakanj’s energy days 2015”
Kakanj, in cooperation with the Resource Environmental Centre Kakanj and German Society for International Cooperation – Open Regional Fund for Southeast Europe (GIZ / ORF-EE), is organizing the event in Kakanj “Kakanj’s energy days 2015”.
The event will be held from 14 to 17 October 2015 in Kakanj. The event will include a number of activities aimed at raising the awareness of citizens, especially young people and children, on sustainable energy and energy efficiency, and the deliberate and responsible use of energy.
In the event, there is a planned program of educational and informative workshops for children in kindergartens and primary schools on the theme “Children learn about energy and climate”, and a promotional and educational event entitled “Energy Expo”, which will have special programs and promotional booths from presenting companies, intermediary institutions and organizations that produce and operate products and services in the field of energy efficiency. Citizens will have the opportunity to learn about the energy labeling of small and large household appliances that significantly consume electricity, and will be able to hear a lot of useful tips on how to achieve savings in the household.
The aim of the event, which is being implemented within the framework of the Action Plan Sustainable Energy of Kakanj (SEAP, Sustainable Energy Action Plan) is to provide domestic and foreign companies with an exposition and showcase to publicly present their advanced solutions, technology, products and services in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. (Press of Kakanj)