LED Lighting – FAQ

What is LED lighting?
LED lighting uses as its main lighting source LEDs. The word LED is an English acronym for (Light Emitting Diode). Leds are a type of semiconductor that emits light when electric power is applied.
Why LED Lighting?
Compared to ordinary (conventional) lighting, LED lighting consumes much less electricity. With conventional lighting such as tungsten filament lamps, 80% of the electrical power consumption goes into waste heat and only 20% becomes visible light.
Using conventional light bulbs does not promote environmentally clean and efficient living. It is “poisonous” to the environment because of its inherent waste heat, relatively short bulb life and there is no possibility of regulating the color of light. LED lighting of all available light sources, has proven to be ecologically acceptable, since it consumes little power while at the same time offering the ability to regulate the color of light. The advantages of LED lighting are endless compared to conventional light sources. See more at this link
Why the move to LED lighting?
We here in Bosnia and Herzegovina aspire towards upholding the European Union legislation. European Union law requires that all conventional lighting to be replaced with LED lights. Additionally, investing in LED lighting pays off in less than one year through energy bill savings.
Is LED lighting is expensive?
The fact is that LED lighting does cost more than conventional lighting since the ice for a luminaire is made up of many components whose production is a lot more complicated than ordinary light bulbs. But the fact still remains that this technology we are developing here in Bosnia and Herzegovina, including the South East European countries is still improving and has not fully matured.
ILLUX Light Technologies serves as a complete source to smaller suppliers and distributors, with the aim of leading the market and offering reasonable prices. We are currently among the least expensive lighting companies dealing with LED lighting, without having to compromise the quality of our products. See more at this link
LED lighting lasts considerably longer
We have already explained that LED lighting uses a different technology for light emission than do incandescent bulbs. Such LED technology-based on semiconductors is much more stable than the tungsten filament which is used in the classic light bulb or in various types of lamps filled with vapors or gas.
Compared with other types of lighting, classic lighting is at rock bottom with a bulb life of about 1,200 hours, halogen lamps with a life of around 2,000 hours, and LED lights with a life of up to 50,000 hours. As seen from a reliability and cost savings perspective, LED lights can last up to 17 years!