What are the suspended ceilings?

spušteni plafoni

Suspended ceilings are combination of regips and plaster with a metal frame that serves as an aesthetic enrichment of the interior. Installation of discrete lighting is the most common aesthetic home improvement, especially appropriate for use in both residential and commercial buildings with suspended ceilings. Suspended ceilings allow you to have direct and indirect light at the same time. Changing to suspended ceilings you can in fact get luxury aesthetics look of your home with a relatively small investment.

How to install the suspended ceilings?

This part we manage together with our partners. Our goal is to attract end users, contractors and together we can make better homes for our customers. We are giving our customers luxury to get everything in one place from the initial to the end user. This all begins with a good project. Illux Light Technologies offers best designers who will make the best solution for you online or coming directly to the spot. All you have to do is to contact us for details. Our designers will create 3D representations of your future suspended ceilings. The advantage of 3D representation is that before installing the ceiling you can have the insight of how it will look. The goal of the design is to begin our project implementation only upon ensuring that client is completely satisfied with the design.

Suspended ceilings cost?

When it comes to any kind of work most of the customers ask us about the price. Every successful company knows that the price of goods or services along with the quality is the starting point of a good deal. Our partners and we will do our best to give you our most competitive prices. We will make sure that you pay less for good quality and good final outcome.

Suspended ceilings – which light should I install?

Illux Light Technologies strongly recommends LED lighting. The list of advantages of LED lighting is huge and if you are interested to know more please read our articles. First and the most important advantage is that you can save more than $600 on your electricity bill. Also, durability of LED lights can last up to 15 years. Led lighting does not produce heat, and is cool to touch. LED will not leave yellow marks on your suspended ceiling. We are recommending you the range of lighting fixtures from our following items:

Suspended ceilings – ideas?

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