Conventional lights

The main source of light in conventional lighting is the tungsten filament. The filament is heated near to tungsten’s boiling point, which creates light, but in this type of light a lot of heat is created which automatically implies that a large part of the energy is wasted in heat. Therefore, conventional lighting consumes much electric power.

LED lighting

LED lighting is high efficiency light. It doesn’t waste electricity by producing excess heat and therefore saves you money. A LED lamp has a service life of up to 50 000 operating hours. Use LED lighting and save money. Our expert team will help you in choosing the most optimal solutions.

Our projects

HIFA Petrol

The trend of energy savings is slowly starting to follow the population, and when investors are concerned there is no doubt, because investment in replacement of conventional lighting with LED lighting is an investment that is certainly worth it because of the enormous energy savings. Hyphae Group is a company with modern business ideology and has already recognized the benefits and cost savings of using LED lighting. And the fact that they chose the right Illux lighting is proof of our quality and business advocacy.
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EXIT Clothing

This is another example of the commitment of our company in the field of LED lighting. To be ahead of the competition and meet the standards of modern lighting Our Illux team invested an enormous effort. We have devoted a lot of attention to detail and we want to bring to the market something new and exciting. More than words, this project has proven to be the most visited shopping mall in Bosnia and Herzegovina – BBI center.
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IMO d.o.o.

This project involved the installation of LED panels from our company which replaced the old lighting system of neon tubes. Although neon tubes use less electricity than typical incandescent lighting, Our ILLUX LED Panel Series offers 38% more energy efficiency, and up to 10 years longer life. IMO as an environmentally conscious company and has definitely made a wise choice by investing in installing our ILLUX LED Panel Series, because in just two years, their investment will have paid for itself in energy savings.

LED lighting – offers the following

LED high quality illumination with CE and RoHS certification

Certified quality, carefully selected materials and long years of experience with LED lighting guarantees the quality of every product. All our products come with a 2 year warranty. ILLUX LT comes to the market with the most competitive prices for LED lighting. ILLUX Group together with its partners and products placed on the market LED lighting as a branded product. For many years we have been developing our products and have exchanged ideas with chip makers and housing lighting specialists. In less than a year we have received all necessary CE and RoHS certificates. Certificates guarantee our quality and export to EU countries. In addition to production and sales ILLUX LT is engaged in designing lighting systems for businesses such as boutiques, factories, schools and hospitals, etc.

Some words about our brand…

From the very beginning of our brand, we have paid attention to our name. Our keyword ILLUX originated from two words: “illumination” which means the visible aspect of the impact of light and “lux” as a unit of measurement for the lighting industry using SI unit system quarters. Defined as osvjetljenjost surface evenly illuminated light output of one lumen per square meter each. Our ideology is “ease” in every sense. So in designing our logo Illuxa, we have given full attention to simplicity. While the black background symbolizes the darkness, a white logo on a black background symbolizes the white light that has become recognizable to the LED technology. The rectangle symbolizes our led panel which is our best selling product, but the omitted left side of the rectangle symbolizes our openness to new knowledge and innovation.

Amer Sarajlić

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